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Sunday 19th Feb 2023

Midland Cat Club of Ireland & GCCFI Support Show


Available Results

MIDLAND - All Results

MIDLAND - Best In Show

GCCFI - All Results

GCCFI - Best in Show



 Judges' Reports - MIDLAND

Dr. Karen Kempsell. Mrs. S Tokens Mrs. S Woodley



Judges' Reports - GCCFI

Mrs. R Fisher Mr. J Harrison
Ms MLF Clare  


October 30th 2022 - SABCCI/GCCFI Dublin Shows


Available Results

All Section Results



Available Judges' Reports - SABCCI

Mrs Bradley Mrs Devereux Mrs Fryer
Mrs Moore Lyndon Steele Caroline Wren



Available Judges' Reports - GCCFI

Mrs Fryer Mr J Harrison
Mrs S Moore Lyndon Steele

September 11th 2022 - Cork Cat Club Show


Available Results

Best In Show
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Section 5
Section 6
Household Pets
All Section Results



Available Judges' Reports

John H Hansson Stephen Parkin Louise Garcia




October 20th 2019 - Dublin Show (SABCCI & GCCFI)


Show Manager's Report


SABCCI Judges' Reports

Mrs. A Lyall Dr. P Collin Mrs. B Prowse Mrs. J Smith
Mr. J Trotter


GCCFI Judges' Reports

Mrs. Anderson-Drew Mrs. D Butters Mrs. B Prowse Mrs. Smith (HP)
Mr J. Trotter