June 2018

Updated Registration Information, contacts and guidance is now available on the REGISTRATIONS PAGE.


2018 Supreme Show results now available on the Show Page 



New Post re: Genetic Testing on the

Notice Page

Applicants wishing to register please note that for certain Active Registrations some tests are compulsory.  Please check HERE.



There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.


Non Payment Penalty Notice date March 2018.


Non Payment of show entry fees or returned cheques will incur a fixed penalty. The exhibitor will be barred from entering all shows until payment, including any charges, has been made in full. Details of the exhibitor will be forwarded to other Show Managers.


Genetic Testing Notice date November 2017.


We are pleased to announce that we have negotiated a discount for members of GCCFI affiliated clubs with Langford, Bristol, the UK’s leading Feline Genetic Laboratory. Contact your club Secretary for a code. For further details of tests available, prices and to obtain testing kits go to: www.catgenetics.co.uk


UPDATE March 2018 - A very helpful list of available (some compulsory) tests is available HERE (Excel Document), Breeders and interested parities are encouraged to familiarise themselves with these details.




Notice date 5th October 2017.


The GCCFI online system, as supported by GCCF, is planned to be enabled between 9am and 12noon on Monday 09 October 2017. A link will appear on this website to the login page for the system before then*. On Monday morning, login details will be sent out to GCCFI breeders and owners who have an email registered on their accounts. These details will be valid for 24 hours. If you are unable to login at that time please email GCCF on info@gccfcats.org to arrange for a new password reset email to be sent to you. If an email is not registered on your account you will need to email GCCF and give details of your name, address and the name, registration number and active/non-active status of one of your cats so we can verify your details and send you an access link. If you are already a GCCF user, you can login using your existing GCCF login details. Please note you should not have GCCF and GCCFI open on your computer at the same time, this could lead to mistakes if payments are being made. A warning will come up if you try to have both systems open at once.


*Login to GCCFI Online Registrations HERE


For Instructions, please click HERE


Pedigree Pets Notice date February 2017.


The GCCFI are pleased to announce a new section for Pedigree Pets in our Shows. This will be trialled for one year and will commence at the Supreme on 30th April. For full details, please click HERE.



Fixed Penalty Notice date October 2016.


Council has decided to introduce a Fixed Penalty in respect of Complaints regarding the following (These penalties, as they arise, will be posted below this notice):

  1.  Failure to provide a correctly completed pedigree
  2.  In the case of Exports, failure to provide a certified pedigree
  3.  Failure to provide a completed transfer card

In all these instances the breeder to be informed in writing that unless the item is supplied in accordance with Rules 12, 13 & 14 and our Code of Ethics within 28 days, or a legitimate reason given, they will be suspended until the papers are supplied. Copies must be sent to the Secretary.


FIXED PENALTY NOTICE 1 - Copy Date February 2017:

Disciplinary Matters

After careful consideration by the Disciplinary Committee the person named below has been suspended for life from the GCCFI.


New Road


Co Tipperary





Important Information regarding Stud Cats Notice date 24/04/2016.

With effect from 1st June 2016 all new male cats to be used at stud must be microchipped. This must be done prior to them getting a Certificate of Entirety and the number must be entered on the Certificate.


New for Household Pets: Notice date 11/07/2015

We are introducing a new competition for Household Pets starting at the Cork Cat Club Show 2015. The winner of Best In Show will be awarded a certificate. Cats winning three BIS certificates under three different judges will gain the title Top Cat (TC).


New Class Structure: Notice Date 06/05/2011

At the meeting of Council on 30th April 2011 the following new class structure was agreed. It is hoped to come into effect from the Cork Show.




Breed Class

To replace current Open Class. Only untitled cats of the specified breed may enter (must be GCCFI registered). All other cats should enter for BOB only. Challenge or Premier Certificates will be awarded to the winners


Grand Champion/Grand Premier Class

Cats with the title of Champion/Premier, but not Grand, must enter this class. Grand Challenge/Grand Premier certificates and Reserves will be awarded.


Hibernian Class

A new Class, similar to the GCCF Imperial, but requiring 4 certificates, rather than 5, to gain the title.  Cats with the title Grand Champion/Grand Premier must enter this class. Hibernian Grand Champion/Grand Premier certificates and Reserves will be awarded. There may need to be some combination of breeds for this certificate.

CONTRACTS / AGREEMENTS OF SALE: Notice Date November 2010

The GCCFI wishes to make it clear that contracts/agreements of sale are a private matter between buyer and seller and the GCCFI has no liability concerning them.


Council recommends that a Cat Care/Information Agreement should be issued at the time of sale. It is suggested that this should include details concerning feeding, worming, flea treatment, booster vaccinations and neutering.

NON-PEDIGREE TITLES: Notice Date September 2010

There has been a very poor response to the questionnaires issued on this subject. The Executive has discussed this and feel that due to the lack of interest it is not possible to take it any further. They would like to thank those who did take the time and trouble to respond.