It is with regret that we announce that the Midland Cat Club has been disbanded due to lack of experienced personnel to take on Officer roles and a shortage of finances. However, the GCCFI will run a show on 18th February 2024 in Thurles. Watch out for details.




First Bronze Invictus Winner


The joint shows in Ballinteer on Sunday 16th April produced our very first Invictus winner when Supreme Hibernian Grand Premier Silverfern French Kiss owned by Claudia Wagner became an Invictus Bronze.

Congratulations to them both.




April 2023

Urgent Appeal

from UCD Veterinary Hospital

Due to an unprecedented increase in numbers of sick cats, the UCD Veterinary Hospital are seeking healthy cats to donate blood to be transfused to sick patients in their ICU. 

Contact: vetblooddonorclinic@ucd.ie

or 01 7166137







13 Day Rule

Exhibitors please note that the above rule requires 13 days between any cat from the same household being shown not 13 clear days.




British Long Hair


British Longhair variants, (shorthaired cats with a BLH parent, can now be shown in the equivalent BSH classes as they are identical to BSH who carried a gene for longhair, and all will be judged by the BSH SOP for quality. It is hoped that this will be possible from the Midland shows but is dependant on the IT system being ready.





JUNE 2019


All Champion/Grand Champion and Premier/Grand Premier Titles are now automated and you will be informed when one of these titles is achieved.  See the Notice Page and the Form Page for full details.





New Post re: Genetic Testing on the

Notice Page





There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.





Welcome to our Registration page. Council supports responsible breeding and Breeders seeking registration should be familiar with the list of Genetic tests available (some of which are compulsory - see below).














Registration for Cats/kittens born in Republic of Ireland

Cats/kittens born in the Republic of Ireland to GCCFI registered parents should be registered with GCCFI.


Registration for Cats/kittens born in Northern Ireland or Great Britain

Cats/kittens born in Northern Ireland or Great Britain and registered with GCCF can be dual registered with GCCFI on payment of the appropriate fee and there is no need to complete a registration form.  For further details please contact the GCCF or the Registration Administrator (contact details below).


GCCFI Registration for Cats/kittens born in any other country

If your cat/kitten was born and/or registered in any other country or with any other registering body we require:-


Certified pedigrees to validate the registration of imports must either be the original, or an electronic copy of it. In all cases the pedigree must be signed and/or stamped and dated by a bona fide registering body. Originals will be returned to the owner.

2 If not stated on the certified pedigree, please provide a copy of a document showing you as the registered owner. In the case of joint owners both names should be shown.

A completed GCCF of Ireland Application to Register form (available on the FORMS Page).


Details of Pet Passport scheme or quarantine details:

Cats imported from anywhere other than the UK must have either a Pet Passport or be quarantined on arrival in RoI.

Details from Department of Agriculture Pet Passports or phone +353 1 607 2827



Genetic Testing

Some GENETIC TESTS are compulsory for active registrations - for information regarding tests required, please contact the Registrations Administrator, Caroline Wren, registrations@gccfi.com or telephone 063 86942



Breed Numbering

The GCCFI have adopted the GEMS Breed Numbering System and breeders are requested to please use this system with immediate effect.

For an INTRODUCTION & INFORMATION sheet about the system, please click HERE
For a SECTIONS AND BREEDS sheet please click HERE
For a full list of the new system's BREED NUMBERS please click HERE 







We now have an on line registration service supported by the GCCF in the UK. To use this service please click HERE (to Login or Enrol).  Payment can be made by Debit or Credit card. If you use the on line services and overpay or you have paid for something that cannot be provided the GCCF will refund you on our behalf.

If you already have an account with the GCCFI or GCCF you can use your Username and Password to log in. Please do not try to open GCCFI & GCCF pages at once. If you have never used the online service before you need to enrol and then follow the instructions. Should you experience any difficulties with this process please either email the GCCF – info@gccfcats.org or telephone +44 1278 427575 (between 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday).




We would encourage you to use the online service and it will enable you to view all the cats owned and/or bred by you. However, if you are unable to do this, you may still register and transfer manually. Forms are available on our FORMS page and should be completed and sent as directed on the form, together with payment. If you have any queries please contact Caroline Wren the Registration Administrator (contact details below).






Entering a GCCFI Show before registration paperwork is complete

If you wish to enter a GCCFI licensed show and you have applied for but not received all the relevant registration papers, you may enter by complying with the following:-

  1. Complete your Registration Application on line or manually and pay the registration fee. If you are registering a cat from outside GCCFI or GCCF please confirm that that you have applied for the Certified Pedigree to the appropriate registering body. DO NOT WAIT TO RECEIVE THESE DOCUMENTS. When received please forward to the Registration Administrator (contact details below). Registrations and transfers must have been received by GCCFI or processed on line at least 10 days before the show
  2. Complete your show entry. In the box on the entry form for Registration No put RAF (Registration Applied For). Please note that Show Managers are obliged to check that applications and the fee to register have been made and received. The use of RAF should be used for one single or one double show only.
  3. If you are transferring a cat/kitten into your name you should send the registration card with your details and the fee to the Registration Administrator (contact details below)

In the Reg No box on the show entry form put TAF (Transfer Applied For).       






GCCF: info@gccfcats.org or telephone +44 1278 427575 (between 10.00am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday).



Registration Administrator

Mrs Caroline Wren




Co Limerick

E: registrations@gccfi.com / T: +353 63 86942