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The GCCFI Online Registration is about to go live.  Please read the latest notice on the

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New Post re: Genetic Testing on the

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Applicants wishing to register please note that for certain Active Registrations some tests are compulsory.  Please check HERE.



There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.



PLEASE NOTE:  Breeders seeking registration should be familiar with the list of Genetic Tests available (some of which are compulsory for active registrations).  You may view this list HERE  (Excel Document).



** The GCCFI online registration process is now available - for instructions

on how to use this service, please visit the Notice Page**

Lorna Taylor

Hon Chair




NEW - Important Registration Information 10/03/2015


The GCCFI are adopting a new system of breed numbering, the GEMS System, and breeders are requested to please use the new numbers with immediate effect.


For an INTRODUCTION & INFORMATION sheet about the new system, please click HERE
For a SECTIONS AND BREEDS sheet please click HERE
For a full list of the new system's BREED NUMBERS please click HERE (this is a pdf file with 113 pages, but you may select just the pages you wish to print if a hard copy is required).

GCCFI Registration for Cats or Kittens born in the RoI

If your cat/kitten(s) was born in the RoI from parents showing GCCFI registered numbers (they begin with the letters NB while UK numbers commence with CS), you are required to complete an application to register form which may be downloaded on the FORMS Page.  For your information please print both front and back pages.


On request the registrar will post you a form and you may request same from registrar@gccfi.com


GCCFI Registration for Cats or Kittens born in the Northern Ireland or Great Britain

If your cat/kitten was born in Northern Ireland or Great Britain and registered with GCCF we require the following in order to register with GCCFI.

1Copy GCCF registration/transfer to your ownership.

GCCF of Ireland Application to Register form completed together with appropriate fee.  The application form may be downloaded on the FORMS Page.

GCCFI registration for Cats or Kittens born in any other country

If your cat/kitten was born and/or registered in any other country or with any other registering body we require:-


Original registration document which should show 4/5 generations of pedigree from other registering body, i.e. CFA, Fife, Tica.  When copied and recorded by GCCFI, this document will be returned to you.

2If not stated on the certified pedigree, please provide a copy of a document showing you as the registered owner. In the case of joint owners both names should be shown.

A completed GCCF of Ireland Application to Register form.   The Registration Application Form may be downloaded on the FORMS Page.


Details of Pet Passport scheme or quarantine details:

Cats imported from anywhere other than the UK must have either a Pet Passport or be quarantined on arrival in RoI.

Details from Department of Agriculture Pet Passports or phone +353 1 607 2827

Entering a GCCFI Show before registration paperwork is complete

If you wish to enter for a GCCFI licensed show and you have applied for but not received all the relevant registration papers, you may enter by complying with the following:-


Send in your Registration Application (available on the FORMS Page) to the Registrar together with the registration fee and confirmation that you have applied for Certified Pedigrees to the appropriate registering body - DO NOT WAIT TO RECEIVE THESE DOCUMENTS


Send your show entry to the Show Manager of the show you intend to enter.  Where it says Reg.No. on the entry form put RAF (Registration Applied For). Please note that Show Managers are obliged to check with the Registrar that applications and the fee to register have actually been made and received.


"Registration Applied For" (RAF) will apply to one show only, except where a second Show may follow within a two month period, in which case RAF may be accepted for the second Show at the discretion of the Registrar.


When you receive the Certified Pedigrees please forward them immediately to the Registrar so that your registration may be completed.


Additional detailed information about GCCFI registration can be downloaded here.