It is with regret that we announce that the Midland Cat Club has been disbanded due to lack of experienced personnel to take on Officer roles and a shortage of finances. However, the GCCFI will run a show on 18th February 2024 in Thurles. Watch out for details.




First Bronze Invictus Winner


The joint shows in Ballinteer on Sunday 16th April produced our very first Invictus winner when Supreme Hibernian Grand Premier Silverfern French Kiss owned by Claudia Wagner became an Invictus Bronze.

Congratulations to them both.




April 2023

Urgent Appeal

from UCD Veterinary Hospital

Due to an unprecedented increase in numbers of sick cats, the UCD Veterinary Hospital are seeking healthy cats to donate blood to be transfused to sick patients in their ICU. 

Contact: vetblooddonorclinic@ucd.ie

or 01 7166137







13 Day Rule

Exhibitors please note that the above rule requires 13 days between any cat from the same household being shown not 13 clear days.




British Long Hair


British Longhair variants, (shorthaired cats with a BLH parent, can now be shown in the equivalent BSH classes as they are identical to BSH who carried a gene for longhair, and all will be judged by the BSH SOP for quality. It is hoped that this will be possible from the Midland shows but is dependant on the IT system being ready.





JUNE 2019


All Champion/Grand Champion and Premier/Grand Premier Titles are now automated and you will be informed when one of these titles is achieved.  See the Notice Page and the Form Page for full details.





New Post re: Genetic Testing on the

Notice Page





There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.




Regretably, there is currently a lot of misinformation being propogated by some kitten sellers.  Please read this NOTICE, the information on Buying and Selling a Kitten on our Information Page and please use our Contact Us page PRIOR to purchasing a kitten if still in any doubt as to the veracity of the information you are receiving from potential sellers.





 Please click above for a list of GCCFI Charges and Prices from 1st January 2020.  Please refer also to prices on the registration form.  All applicable GCCFI prices and charges are itemised on these 2 forms.







The following forms:


Certificate of Entirety

Mating Certificate

Change of Status

Prefix Application

Application to Transfer Ownership and Transfer Certificate*

*you should have received this certificate from the breeder when collecting your kitten


should be sent to:

Mrs. Caroline Wren
Glenroe, Kilfinane
Co Limerick
V35 CR68



PREFIX FORM    Updated November 2023

This form contains information and an application form to apply to register a GCCFI Prefix.



It has been noticed recently that some breeders are applying for a prefix, and after it has been approved are trying to register kittens that were born before the application was made. Please note that only kittens that are born after the application has been received by GCCFI can be registered under the prefix. Every application has to be checked with records to make sure the prefix applied for is not already in use and then goes to the Executive for approval. Please allow time for this and for any queries that may arise.



REGISTRATION APPLICATION FORM (PLEASE NOTE: this is a 2 page landscape pdf file, please select landscape mode under file>page set-up after opening and before printing).


Please also read the latest registration news here



Use this form to apply for registration of your cat/kitten with the GCCFI.  Before submitting your application, you should familiarise yourself with the GCCFI's policy on registration.  Information on the GCCFI's policy in this regard is available here (this is a pdf file and will open in a new window - we suggest you print and save this document for reference).

 This is to certify the entirety of the stud cat used in your registration application form.
CLAIM TITLE Updated June 2019

Please  note:  This form is to be used for Tara, Hibernian and Invictus title claims only.  Other titles (Champion/Grand Champion, Premier/Grand Premier) are automated under the new system operated for us by the GCCF and you will be informed by email with a direct link to claim when a title is achieved.

For the above mentioned 3 titles only, please complete and return the title claim form together with copies of your certificates.

 This form is used to change the status of a cat from the active to the in-active list (and vica versa).  Please note that, except in extreme circumstances and on application to the Registrar and Executive, this can only be effected by the breeder.

Use this form to apply to join the Stewarding scheme (and, by extension, the Training of Judges). You should study carefully the following document before proceeding.  Please note this is a 2 page form.

 Use this form to work out the expected due date of your kittens

An official compaints form in now available (Copy date July 2020).