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2021 SHOWS

Following a recent meeting of the Executive it has been decided that there will not be any shows held under GCCFI licence before 1st June 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation and further information will be provided when available.


Please visit the Notices Page for the latest on registration procedures following the temporary Coronavirus Emergency procedures


JUNE 2019

All Champion/Grand Champion and Premier/Grand Premier Titles are now automated and you will be informed when one of these titles is achieved.  See the Notice Page and the Form Page for full details.



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There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.


Latest Registration News

Posted on 6th July, 2017

Two members of the Executive recently visited the GCCF office in Bridgwater to see the new system being built for GCCFI and to receive training in its use. We had the opportunity to practice with live data. We identified some problems which had occurred in the copying over of data from our old database on to the new system and some of these were rectified while we were there. This is inevitable in copying data from an old system on to an up to the minute one.


Following our visit three Executive members have been sent a test database by the GCCF and we are testing it at present. In order to get the information as accurate as possible this is taking longer than we had anticipated. It is not possible for us to test live data so GCCF have to transfer it on to the test database for us. As soon as we are satisfied with the information and the use of the database we will be in a position for it to go live for everyone. We would anticipate, allowing for holidays, that this will be in September.


We hope that as many as possible will use the on line service. One advantage, apart from speed, is that names should be correct as there won’t be handwriting for the in putter to read. You will also be able to pay on line. Further news will be published as soon as it is available.


Lorna Blackmore Taylor

Hon Chair

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