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2021 SHOWS

Following a recent meeting of the Executive it has been decided that there will not be any shows held under GCCFI licence before 1st June 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation and further information will be provided when available.


Please visit the Notices Page for the latest on registration procedures following the temporary Coronavirus Emergency procedures


JUNE 2019

All Champion/Grand Champion and Premier/Grand Premier Titles are now automated and you will be informed when one of these titles is achieved.  See the Notice Page and the Form Page for full details.



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There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.



Posted on 9th June, 2016

Many of you will know that Betty Dobbs officially retired as Registrar last year. She has kindly continued while we investigated our options. After a lot of research and discussion the Executive recommended to Council that we should contract out our registrations and related matters to the GCCF to undertake on our behalf. This has been approved by Council and the transfer will take place within the next few months.


The GCCF will be able to provide an on line service and they will send out registration and transfer documents with our logo from the UK. Arrangements will be made for those without on line access to forward their paperwork and payment to a Council member in Ireland. Those using the on line service will be able to access their cat(s) details and make some updates. In order to help with the costs we will be charging an administrative fee of €6.00 per litter in addition to the registration fee. This only applies to registrations.


Please watch this space for further details as they become available.



Lorna Taylor

Hon Chair

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