13 Day Rule

Exhibitors please note that the above rule requires 13 days between any cat from the same household being shown not 13 clear days. This means that cats being shown at the Midland shows on 19th February 2023 may also enter the Northern Ireland show on 4th March 2023.


British Long Hair Variants

British Longhair variants, (shorthaired cats with a BLH parent, can now be shown in the equivalent BSH classes as they are identical to BSH who carried a gene for longhair, and all will be judged by the BSH SOP for quality. It is hoped that this will be possible from the Midland shows but is dependant on the IT system being ready.






Breeders Connect


Would you be interested in joining a chat group on Zoom for breeders? The aim is to be able to discuss relevant issues with other breeders and share information. Should we be registering as breeders under the Animal Health & Welfare Regulations? How do we import cats/kittens from the UK post Brexit? Vetting prospective owners. These are some of the topics we can discuss and share information on.

If you would like to join us, please contact Lorna backchat.burmese@gmail.com




JUNE 2019


All Champion/Grand Champion and Premier/Grand Premier Titles are now automated and you will be informed when one of these titles is achieved.  See the Notice Page and the Form Page for full details.





New Post re: Genetic Testing on the

Notice Page





There is very important advice and information regarding buying a kitten on our Information Page and we very strongly urge any person considering buying a kitten to read it carefully before proceeding.




Posted on 26th May, 2016





This year SABCCI in conjunction with GCCFI are holding a DOUBLE championship show


This is completely separate from The Supreme, which will continue as usual.


Each exhibitor will receive 2 schedules, 1 x SABCCI and 1x GCCFI and you may enter one or both Shows.

The classes in both schedules will be the same, except the SABCCI schedule classes will be prefixed S – S1, S2, S3 etc while the GCCFI schedule classes will be prefixed G –G1, G2, G3 etc..

When all entries are in they will be numbered, so each exhibit will have just 1 number and will be penned as usual. So if entered in both shows your exhibit will be judged by 2 different judges and 2 awards given (or not!)


Please note, however, that if you already have 2 certs when you enter, if you win a further 2 certs you will have 4 of the same certs, the 2nd WILL NOT count as a higher award.


Result slips will be posted in separate areas and will be in different colours for clarity.

There will be 1 catalogue with entries in 2 sections – SABCCI and GCCFI


Remember –

If you also enter THE CORK CAT CLUB SHOW you will be able to ‘make up’ a cat in 4 weeks!!


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